Friday, 10 July 2015

Paper-Pencil based Diagnostic Kit

Patent Filing No. 701/KOL/2015

Title: A ‘paper-and-pencil’-based diagnostic kit for ready and simultaneous detection of one or multiple analytes

Brief Description
This invention illustrates the use of ‘paper-and-pencil’ based diagnostic device for rapid and simultaneous detection of one or multiple analytes. Fluid transportation is guided by the hydrophobic barriers which have been fabricated by following a simple printing-based methodology. External electric field is applied for fast and controlled transport of the fluid, while the electrodes have been fabricated by sketching the graphite tip of a pencil on paper surfaces. Application of external electrical actuation between sample source and test regions enhances the flow rate of the sample fluid to the test regions due to the combined  capillarity and electrokinetic effect; and thus reduces the diagnosis time. The detection  is performed following a colorimetric approach, where the colorimetric signals are generated due to the chemical reaction between the pre-embedded reagents on the detection pads and sample fluid.

- Inexpensive
- Minimum resource is required
- Easy fabrication and  mass fabrication is possible
- Fast and on-spot diagnosis
- Portable in nature and  no special expertise is needed for operating the device

Commercial Applications:

Point-of-care diagnostics, Analytical laboratories, Diagnostics laboratories, and for Food and Water quality control

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