Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Contrast Agent for Medical Imaging

Patent Filing No.: 566/KOL/2013

Award won
1. BIRAC-SRISTI Gandhian Young Technological Innovation Award, 2015
2. DST-Lockheed Martin India Innovation Growth Programme Award 2015

Brief description
A medical contrast agent is a substance used to enhance the visibility of internal body structures for clinical diagnosis. It is commonly used to enhance the visibility of gastrointestinal tract to detect numerous disorders like hernia, inflammation, bleeding, blockages and cancer and so on. The present state of art includes swallowing contrast agent, followed by their imaging via X-rays. However, all current contrast agents are non biocompatible and are difficult to swallow. In this regard, we have developed biocompatible, non-toxic, contrast agent that facilitates accurate medical imaging.

Summary of the technical details
Herein we propose a novel radiopaque derivative that is easily detectable with the X-ray radiography, fluoroscopy and CT.  The product consists of iodine, a crosslinker and a polymer with amine linkages. The derivative is biocompatible as well as biodegradable as it is made of materials of natural origin. Additionally the derivative could be fabricated to form micro or nano beads for various gastrointestinal tract imaging applications. 

Advantages of this technology
·           Low cost product developed by the use of eco-friendly and biodegradable materials
·         Simple technology that do not need high technical expertise.
·         Is compatible with the present X-ray imaging techniques.
·         Real Time monitoring of gastrointestinal tract
·         Post operative non-invasive assessments of the implants for fast clinical decisions
·         Product offers antibacterial property

Commercial aspects of the technology
Since, the starting materials are cheap and the process involves only one step reaction, the cost of manufacturing the product is low. Taking the channel cost and the cost to launch the product in the market, our product pricing is comparable to the existing products in the market. Our target customers are corporate/govt hospitals, radiology labs, diagnostic centre and individual doctors whereas our users are patients suffering from gastrointestinal disorders.

The technology can be brought to market with minimum investment.

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